Hey everyone, the semester has just been sliding by so far. A couple things have happened since I last wrote:

  • I retook the LSAT (scores pending and I don’t want to talk about it)
  • I’ve started some law school applications
  • I’ve talked to all the professors I want to have letters of recommendation from

My law school stuff and the application will be for a later post but I want to talk about something that happened this past Sunday. Being a senior, I have to start thinking about the future: what am I going to do in May after graduation? Where am I going to live? The list goes on about the questions and I do not have a lot of the answers yet. BUT, I do know that no matter what happens, I will need business casual or professional clothes. The UI Pomerantz Center, which houses academic advising and the career center, partnered up with JCPenney’s at the Coral Ridge Mall to create the SuitUp! Event.

SuitUp was an event designed to give discounts to UI students on workwear to start building up our professional wardrobes. And let me tell you, it was a really nice event. For starters, JCPenney re-opened the store after closing time for just UI students. They also provided 40% off coupons when you walked in, on top of already discounted items throughout the store. The sales also weren’t just on clothes, it included shoes and accessories. I wasn’t looking for much since I have a couple pieces due to my time in Women in Business, but I ended up settling on some dress pants and a button-down shirt. At regularly marked prices, the outfit probably would have cost me ~$70. I got both pieces for $25 tax included, once the discounts and coupon were applied. If crazy good sales aren’t your thing, they also offered free food and career center resources to help students start thinking of their future past graduation. This was also a great event to prep for the upcoming Student & Job Fair, Iowa Law Expo, and the various college job fairs that are coming to campus in the next few weeks. I won’t be attending the job fair next week, but I will be attending the Iowa Law Expo. Look forward to some law school-related posts soon!

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