Sunsets, Sand, and Bikinis

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It is Spring Break! Well, I actually have one more class left, but many students took a day or two off this week to head down to their warm vacation spot. Me, on the other hand, am going home for spring break. I’m hoping Fort Wayne, Indiana is in the mid 50’s and sunny, so I can get away from this cold Iowa winter.

I am looking forward to having a relaxing break. My schedule is pretty empty, so I anticipate a lot of sleeping is going to be done. I think after the past two weeks I have had with the Dancers in Company concerts, I deserve some rest and relaxation. The concert at Space Place went fabulously and it was great that my family got to visit for a day! Then this past Tuesday and Wednesday, DIC went over to Emmetsburg and Estherville, Iowa. It was only supposed to be a four hour drive, but with the icy roads and windy air it took us over six hours to get there. We then had to wake up at 6 a.m. to get to the first college on time for our morning performance. We then drove to the next town and performed again! It was fun and tiring, and made my week quite hectic.

DIC returned to Iowa City late Wednesday evening. I then had to try to catch up on all my homework, and not my lack of sleep. But now that I am alive on the Friday before spring break, I am so ready for a vacation from school. I hope everyone has a enjoyable and safe spring break! See you in a week Iowa City!

DIC before our last show at Space Place