What I keep in My Backpack *Sophomore Year of College*

Before being in college I LOVED watching what’s in my backpack videos…now that I am actually in college I realize how helpful they can actually be. There is a very fine line between what is important enough to lug around all day and what you can maybe keep at home. Flashback to freshman year when I would carry around five notebooks at all times… maybe I didn’t need that many!

So, today I show you guys what I keep in my backpack in hopes it will help you!

Hope you all love it 🙂

What You *Actually* Need in Your Residence Hall

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a blast this summer. In less than a month, we will all call Iowa City home again. Most new students are going to be living on their own for the first time and with that, the question arises: what do I actually need to bring to college? Here are my dorm essentials.

  1. Organization! You will be living in a fairly small space, and on top of that sharing it with someone else! You will need a ton of different organization bins to fit everything in. I use a three-tier plastic drawer from Target to store extra clothes underneath my bed and loved it! Some other places I recommend bringing organization for are your desk, closet, underneath the bed, and kitchen area.
  2. Vacuum. You may not think you will need a vacuum, but let me tell you that it is a must. If you are like my roommate and me, our hair sheds like crazy! Our rug was constantly covered in hair and we vacuumed every day. In the winter, the university salts and sands the sidewalks, and you will find sand everywhere. Having a vacuum in the winter is a must to keep your room clean. It doesn’t need to be an expensive vacuum, a small one that gets the job done is perfect!
  3. Card holder! Having a card holder on the back of your phone, or a small one on your lanyard will save you so much time. Your Iowa One card is needed to get into almost every building, especially your dorm. It is so inconvenient to have to pull out your wallet every time you want to get back inside! Having it on your lanyard or phone saves so much time scanning in!
  4. Command Hooks. Everyone says it, but it’s true. Command hooks will be your best friend while in your dorm room. You will want to decorate your room and put up cute lights, and of course, do it without damaging the walls (because we don’t want to get charged here!)
  5. Power Strips! If you bring anything from this list, make it power strips! The dorms have very minimal outlets, and sometimes they are in the weirdest place. I lived in Stanley, and on my side of the room I only had one outlet, and it was right next to the ceiling! Talk about an inconvenient spot! I used power strips and extension cords for everything!
  6. Medication. Believe me when I say it, you will get sick in the dorms. Having medicines such as ibuprofen, DayQuil, and Tums were so handy because you never knew when you may need it. After a long day of studying, you will probably be glad to have some ibuprofen with you!

Now that we have discussed some dorm room must-haves, let’s get into some things that I don’t think are necessary.

  1. Futon/Chairs. While it could be different in a non-COVID year, I never found us using our futon. We occasionally had a guest who would sleep on it, but other than that it just took up space. I wouldn’t say this is a definite no-go, but if you are already cramped for space you can definitely go without it!
  2. Don’t bring every clothing item you own! I made this mistake, and when it came to move out I was seriously struggling to fit in all in my car! I suggest bringing staple pieces you can wear again and again. This can include jeans, sweats, t-shirts, and more. Where I went wrong was t-shirts and sweatshirts. I hardly wear t-shirts, but for some reason brought almost all of them!
  3. Printer. I know so many people who brought a printer and never used it! The university allows you to print for three cents a page! Also, I hardly ever printed so there is an off-chance you won’t even need to.

So, those are my must-have and maybe-nots for a dorm room. Take everything with a grain of salt because my experience may be different than yours. It’s important to remember to bring anything that will make your experience better! Good look everyone and see you all back on campus soon!

Day in the Life of a College Student

First of all – who doesn’t love sushi?! This year has been tough for everyone, and I especially have felt it. The transition between high school and college never really struck me, but in this vlog it definitely did. Seeing people walking around, on campus tours, all while walking downtown to get sushi – I felt like a real college student.

I hope you love the video! 🙂

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

Starting college is confusing, exciting, and extremely overwhelming (but so fun!). I remember coming onto campus for the first time unsure of what to expect. I compiled a list of ten things I wish I knew (or wish I listened to) ranging from school tips to joining different clubs to help upcoming freshmen adjust.

Hope you all enjoy the video. 🙂

6 AM Morning Routine-Get Productive with Me

Routines help me accomplish everything I want to get done. Whether you wake up at 6 am or 12 pm giving yourself a routine will set your day up for success. I like to wake up early and give myself a relaxing morning before diving into school for the day. Planning a walk into my day helps me alleviate stress all while staying active (especially with these online classes ;)).

Hope you enjoy the video. 🙂