My First Iowa Football Game

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing my experience at my VERY FIRST EVER Iowa Football game! This was such an awesome day, and it really gives you a glimpse into what game day is like here on campus :) I hope you like it! GO HAWKS!!!

Thanks for watching,

<3 Heather

First Steps to Study Abroad

Hi everyone,

I am currently in the beginning process of understanding how Study Abroad works! I am working towards figuring out how I will make it to Barcelona, Spain next fall! This whole process is a little more challenging than I anticipated, so I wanted to give you a couple guidelines to make it easier on you!

Click here to find the general Study Abroad Page

Step 1: Talk to your family

Studying abroad is highly recommended because of how great of an experience it is; however, that experience isn’t for everybody. Going abroad is fairly expensive, you need to pay for tuition, living expenses, food, etc. Many families can not afford to send their children abroad, so that is a very important conversation to have with your family before you continue the process. Also, most people tend to go abroad for a semester which is for 3-4 months. That is a long time to be away from home, and from everything you are used to. There is so much to think about that goes into this process, but if you find that it can work for you, I highly recommend going. I have only heard good things :)

If you are looking for financial help, Study Abroad has some great scholarships to offer! Click here to check them out!

Step 2: Consider all of your options

There are SO many places to go and so many programs to pursue. You need to find what one will be best and which will make the most sense for YOU! For example, I am majoring in Business and minoring in Spanish so it makes the most sense for me to do the Business and Culture program in Spain to fulfill a couple Business classes, while also developing the language.

Here is a page where you can search for places and programs to help you find what you are looking for: Study Abroad Program Search

Step 3: Speak with a Study Abroad advisor

Click here to find the contact information for our Study Abroad office! Before you call, have an idea of the program you want to do and what semester you hope to go abroad. Once you speak to the receptionist, they will be able to guide you towards the best advisor for your situation.

Step 4: After you talk to your Study Abroad advisor, speak to your Academic Advisor

Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to discuss how a study abroad program would fit into your schedule. They will be able to help you determine what classes will transfer, and if going abroad is the smartest decision to make.

This is as far as I have gotten so far…the application for my program doesn’t open until January 1st, so I still have a lot of time to figure this out. But, I wanted to get a head start on this whole process because it is a little overwhelming. I will have another post on here once I finalize everything, giving you a checklist of things to do that will help you figure out everything you need to do before going abroad! I hope these few initial tips will help make this process a little less stressful to go through! Good luck :)

<3 Heather


First Day of School Vlog!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great beginning to the school year! I am so excited for this blog post because you get to see what a first day at Iowa is like!! I am a sophomore this year, so I have now started getting into more classes for my major and minors rather than Gen Ed’s…so there’s a lot of fun classes mentioned in this vlog :) I hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for watching,

Heather <3

How to Survive Your Morning Classes!

Ahhh. The dreaded 8:30am. I have been waiting to write this blog post to see what the first week of school was like–having to wake up for my early Macroeconomics class–to give all of you the best tips I can think of!

Some of you may be like me…I like having early classes. I am able to get them out of the way and work on homework by 10:30. Or…you may be like my roommate who has no class Monday and Friday and starts after 3pm the rest of the week. To each their own, you should do whatever will make you enjoy your college experience. For those of you who are like me, I want to give you five of my biggest tips for making it through your early morning classes.

Tip 1: Go to bed by 11pm.

I know this is a challenging thing for all of us college kids to do just because of life and homework, but I have found that it makes it a lot easier to wake up and get ready for your 8:30 if you got enough sleep the night before.

Tip 2: Have a routine.

Having a routine is important no matter what but especially if you have an early and busy day ahead of you. Here is what my classic routine looks like prior to my morning classes:

  • Pack my backpack and lay out my clothes the night before so I’m not stressing in the morning
  • Get to bed at a decent time
  • Wake up an hour before I need to leave and immediately make my bed
  • Get dressed, brush my teeth, do my makeup, etc.
  • Make coffee ten minutes before I need to leave

It doesn’t matter what your morning looks like, but doing things consistently every day will help you a lot. I also recommend waking up at least an hour before you need to walk to class because you will be energized and ready to learn by the time you start!

Tip 3: Positive Attitude.

You most likely chose your morning classes for a reason. Yes, I know, you get tired of having to wake up early while all of your friends are sleeping in. But, if you don’t have a positive attitude you will never get through them. What helps me is thinking about how accomplished I will be by noon every day!

Tip 4: Understand what your week looks like.

It is so important to be organized…in my opinion, it’s how you get through anything in life. Knowing what your week looks like with classes, homework, social life, clubs, etc. will help you get through all of your classes. Plan out your week in advance and write a to-do list for every day so then you know exactly what needs to be done.

Tip 5: Think wisely.

Going out and being with your friends is so much fun…but going to bed at 3am and waking up at 7am is not. That’s why it is so important to really understand how you want your week to be. You need to plan your social life accordingly. If you have an 8am on Wednesday, don’t be out with your girlfriends all night on Tuesday…it’ll just make those early morning classes unbearable.

Alright, everybody! I hope these tips have helped you! But, I really do want to stress that you need to do whatever works for you. Early classes may not be your thing, but they are mine, so hopefully, these tips gave you a little motivation to get through them! Also…don’t beat yourself up if you are struggling to get up early while also trying to be a good student and staying up half the night doing your homework. A lot of us haven’t been to an in-person class the last couple of years and it takes a little more effort than just rolling out of bed :) Just remember…you’re doing great!

Thank you all so much for reading!

<3 Heather

How to Choose Your Classes

Choosing your courses for the semester isn’t difficult, you just have to be sure you know what to take and when to take it. For example, prior to applying to Tippie College of Business, I had to take four pre-requisite classes; and, I have to take two specific classes before I can declare my major. It’s extremely important to know what classes are required for specific parts of your degree. Each college at the University of Iowa has specific degree requirements that you can find in your degree audit, or on Planning Major Sheets.

Advisors are your best friend when it comes to picking what classes to take! The balance between gen-eds, fun classes, pre-req’s, major, and minor classes is such an important factor in all of your semester schedules, and advisors work with you on finding that balance because they know what classes work well together.

Here are some tips of mine for choosing classes:

  1. Know what classes you want to take before you talk to your advisor at your planning meeting. This makes the process go a lot smoother and quicker!
  2. KNOW THE TIME YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE YOUR CLASSES!!! They fill up extremely fast, so it’s important to be on the ball so you don’t miss out on a class you really want to take.
  3. Go on the waitlist. You might get lucky and end up having a seat in a class that you couldn’t get into when you were choosing.
  4. Schedule Builder is your best friend! Find what classes you want to take and when you want to take them and mess around with different potential schedules. Save five that you really like because odds are three schedules won’t work out in your favor when it’s choosing day.
  5. Don’t forget about “My Plans” in your MyUI. “My Plans” is an amazing feature because it allows you to map out all four years of your education! You can put in your major(s) and minor(s) and move classes around to see what you want your schedules to be like every semester.
  6. Stick to 15-17 semester hours. I have found that this works for me extremely well because it allows me to balance my academics and social life. 15-17 s.h. is a good range because you should also stay on track for finishing your degree on time.

Find what interests you, what you like to do, and what you want to do in the future, choose your classes depending on that. I am inserting links for all of the UIowa colleges so you can look around and see what would be the best fit for you!

Tippie College of Business:

College of Dentistry:

College of Education:

College of Engineering:

College of Law:

Carver College of Medicine:

College of Nursing:

College of Pharmacy:

College of Public Health:

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:

Quote of the day: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have a beautiful rest of your day!

Heather :)

Best iPad Apps To Help With Iowa Classes

I recently got myself the iPad Pro and have been trying out different apps that have become super handy with helping me finish the semester strong. I wanted to share them with you because whether you are in high school or have been a student at Iowa for a while, these apps will greatly help you! 

Here are my top three:

  1. Procreate

Hello, productivity… I love to use procreate to make myself weekly to-do lists. It’s a great, customizable app that allows you to make your to-do lists to your liking. I like to design mine with a layout of the entire week, so then I know what I have to do, and what big assignments I have to complete! Everything is at your fingertips, and the customizable feature is so nice that it makes you actually want to cross everything off your list!

  1. Good Notes

There are lots of great note-taking apps for the iPad, but this is definitely my personal favorite. In the past, I’ve been a huge advocate for having binders for every class, so it was hard for me to make the transition from paper to technology. I’ve always been super organized where I would separate the binder based on my class structure—lectures, homework assignments, essays, etc. I was never able to find anything that quite matched my organization level but in technology form, until I came across this app. I have all of my classes in separate digital folders with each class being organized differently as I would normally do in the binder. It’s phenomenal because now anywhere I take my iPad, I have all of my classes with me! Plus, once I graduate, every class I have taken will be on the app. The feature of Good Notes I enjoy the most is that it connects to the Apple Pencil! I learn better when I write rather than type, so having the ability to write lecture notes, work notes, etc. is a non-negotiable for me. 

  1. Mindnode

In college, you learn more information at a quicker pace, compared to what you’re used to in high school. A lot of the time all of the information you get just ends up being barfed onto a sheet of paper, all jumbled, not a lot of organization, and messy. Mindnode is a way to take all of that information and make it into mind maps. In case you don’t know what a mind map is, you start with a topic—for example, the philosopher Epictetus—, and build off of that topic—one of his major beliefs is that humans are not insulted by things, they are insulted by their judgment of that thing—, so on and so forth. It’s just a big mapping of a topic pretty much; but it’s an amazing way to stay organized, review all of your class information, and begin to understand the concepts. I specifically enjoy this app for Principles of Microeconomics and the Meaning of Life. I tend to get overwhelmed with the amount of information I get in these classes, so it’s nice for me to have space where I can jot everything down based on the topic it relates to. 

Obviously, there are so many more amazing apps you can get to help with your studies, but these are my absolute favorite because I use them every day. The organization within all of them makes it much easier to be productive and achieve amazing grades. Different things work for different people, but if you are someone who has felt overwhelmed with the amount of information you have learned this semester, these are definitely some apps to look into!

Quote of the day: “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity–not a threat”. ~Steve Jobs

Have a beautiful rest of your day!

Heather :)

Best Places in Iowa City

Hi everyone, welcome back!

On this blog, I’ve been talking a lot about the university in relation to academics, so I thought I’d switch it up and give you a glimpse into my favorite places in Iowa City!

To Study/Get Coffee:

  • Dash Coffee Roasters: Dash is by far my go-to place when it comes to studying or going to get coffee with a friend. It is a place that a lot of students on campus don’t really know about because it is in a sort of hidden location. I love it because it is the closest coffee shop to the dorms. It’s just down the street from Catlett and Burge! If you are a plant lover or are super into aesthetic, cute places this is definitely someplace to try. I would recommend getting a latte and the pesto grilled cheese.
  • Java House: This place is VERY popular on campus. It was one of the first places I went when I got to campus first semester. It’s always tricky to find a seat, so make sure to get there early :) I tend to prefer the atmosphere at Dash a little more, just because during busier times, Java can get loud, so it makes it a little more challenging to study. If you go, definitely get a breakfast sandwich; my favorite is the Spicy Southwest.

Breakfast Date

  • The Dandy Lion: The best breakfast restaurant in Iowa City (in my opinion). It reminds me of a hometown diner, one where every employee knows every customer. It’s a very unique restaurant when it comes to style, vibe, and meals. The last time I was in, they had some very delicious sounding desserts on the menu, but I always find that the food is so good that I eat it all and never have enough time for dessert :( So, if you have any good desserts after your meal, please let me know.

Bring the Parents:

  • Pullman Diner: This is by far my favorite restaurant in Iowa City, and has now become my parents’ favorite as well. The most special aspect of the restaurant is that it was designed based on the Pullman Train Car. You can’t go wrong with going to Pullman for brunch, lunch, or dinner!
  • Vue Rooftop: You don’t have to be staying in the hotel to eat at the restaurant! But, make sure to schedule a reservation because it fills up very quickly, especially with COVID. The best part is the view you get of Iowa City; it’s so beautiful to look over the skyline, especially as the sun is setting :)


  • Pitaya: I LOVE THIS STORE. I honestly think it has become my favorite store of all time just because the clothing is so cute, appropriate, and trendy! This is definitely a popular store for girls who are in sororities because there are some great clothing items for the different events they have. But, it’s also a nice place to shop for different holidays, and if you just want to treat yourself to a nice outfit :)
  • Iowa Book: If you go to Iowa…so does your family. This store has so many different options when it comes to clothes for parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. There’s tons of Iowa gear, nic-nacs, and academic supplies. They also have lots of really great sales!

Alright, everyone! I hope you enjoyed hearing about a few of my favorite places in Iowa City. Don’t get me wrong, I love every place in the city, but these are places where I am a very frequent customer :) These are definitely places to go whether you are touring the campus, or are a current student and have never tried them!

Have a beautiful rest of your day :)

Quote of the day: “Celebrate the simple”~Unknown

It’s OKAY to change your major!

Hey everybody, welcome back!

I’m going to be very honest with all of you. No matter what you are planning to do professionally in the future, there is a chance that your vision will change. But, that is okay! You will take so many classes in your first couple of years of college which will give you a variety of options for what you can do in the future. You will experience different fields through work, internships, extracurriculars, etc., that will help guide you in your decision. It can be very daunting when you go to college, because you may feel like you have to have your life put together (I did). I’m in my second semester, and have already decided that the major I was planning on isn’t going to be my major.

I want to give you a glimpse into what my vision was prior to going to college, so then you see how much that vision can change. I grew up in a business household, and my dad had the biggest affect on my major decision. He told me that the business analytics field was one that I should go into, and I responded with, “Okay, that sounds good, I like business and I’m good at math, so that should work for me”. Though it would be a good field, my main focus was on the amount of money I would make, rather then considering if it would be something I would love doing for the rest of my life. I went to Iowa as a Pre-Business major, pretty adamant that I wouldn’t change my major until I started a job that made me sit down and consider it.

Just recently, I became a network marketer for a beauty company and once I started, I began to gain a serious interest in marketing and sales. I realized that I was actually good at this, that I can post on my Instagram story every day talking about these products, that people wanted to purchase them from me. I realized that I loved doing this! Obviously, there’s still different aspects of the degree that I would have to consider, but I am now finding that I’m leaning more towards a degree in Professional Marketing & Sales, rather than Business Analytics.

There are so many aspects of a profession that will help guide you into choosing which path you want to go down. There are important things for you to consider such as if you want to travel, if you want to be a stay at home mom, if you want to be an athlete, if you want to be your own boss, etc. Money may play a large factor in choosing which profession you hope to have, but the more important aspect is to make sure you love it because it is something you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life. Don’t feel pressured, just take it one step at a time and I promise that you’ll figure it out :)


Productivity and Organizational Tips!

Hi everyone!

I am going to share with you some tips and strategies that I do daily which have allowed me to be productive and organized while living a meaningful day!

Tip #1: The most important part of having a worthwhile day is understanding what’s going to keep you from it. If I don’t have a very productive day, it’s because I spent a lot of time wondering what was on my social media. I recommend downloading the app “Forest” if you struggle with something similar. :)

Tip #2: Your mindset is EVERYTHING, make sure it’s POSITIVE. Some days, you won’t want to feel like doing anything…and that’s okay; it means you need a break. But, you do have to make sure that you’re on top of everything most of the time :) Find ways to keep yourself motivated and accountable. Write down everything that is due for the week in your planner, and then delegate specific tasks to every day to make sure everything gets done. Also, write down anything socially that you are hoping to do for the week. I really enjoy watching shows every week on TV (The Bachelor, Chicago Shows, etc.); to keep myself motivated, I make sure all of my work for the day is done by the time those shows are on so I can relax and enjoy!

Tip #3: Fuel yourself! Make sure to drink lots of water and eat healthier meals to keep your mind functioning the way it should. Throw in a coffee if you need to wake up a little. :)

Tip #4: The atmosphere you are in throughout the day is so important. Make sure it’s clean, cozy, happy, and partly technology-free (no turning on the TV or looking at your phone constantly). Straighten up anything throughout the day to make sure your work area/room stays consistently clean.

The way my desk looks throughout the day :)

Tip #5: Start your productive day by not doing actual work. For me, this means having a daily routine that I follow. I will make sure I get all of my morning tasks done before I start any school work. If I don’t stick to my routine, and I’m somewhat lazy when I get up, I won’t continue my day being productive.

Tip #6: Take breaks. You shouldn’t be go-go-go all day because then you will tire

These are my “morning to-do’s” that I will be sure to get done right away!

yourself out and won’t be able to stay motivated to complete all of your tasks. I recommend taking thorough breaks for at least a half-hour when you have your meals to give yourself some time to reboot. For shorter breaks, talk to one of your family members, get in a workout, or go to Starbucks!

Tip #7: Wake up on the earlier side during the week, and sleep in on weekends. I’m not saying get up at 5am, but I would say to make sure you are crawling out of bed by 8am during the week to have a productive day. Get your much-needed rest on the weekends and leave only a few assignments to complete. :)

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful rest of your day. :)

Quote of the day: “Always deliver more than expected” ~ Larry Page

What I Wish I Knew Before College

Hi everybody,

Different aspects of your life change dramatically when you step foot onto your college campus. Since I started school in August, I have learned a lot about the University of Iowa, campus, Iowa City, dorm rooms, meeting people, etc. Take a look at my video to hear my tips and experiences to learn about what I wish I knew before going to college. I hope you enjoy :)

Quote of the day: “You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith, and hope.” ~Thomas Merton

Have a beautiful rest of your day :)