About Kelsey

Hello, I’m Kelsey! I am a first-year honors student majoring in microbiology on the pre-medicine track, but I am very open to picking up some minors before I graduate. I come from the small town of Riverton, Illinois, but now I live in Daum Residence Hall on the University’s campus. The University of Iowa caught my attention because of the amazing pre-medicine program they offer as well as the social environment in and around campus. I found it so exciting and unique to have a downtown area right across the street from campus, because I think it brings a lot of social events as well as student living benefits that would be hard to access otherwise.

You will probably see me around campus studying. I am very passionate about pursuing my education to the highest capacity possible, and with this in mind, I study as much as possible and have my goals high. I desire to become a physician, specifically a pediatrician as of now, so I have medical school in mind. This motivates me to be extremely academic and community oriented.