Reorganizing My Life.

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Time management is always something I’ve struggled with. I tend to never write things down, and then it will hit me the day before that I need to get something done. That in turn makes me rush around and get really flustered, and once I get really flustered I get really stressed. I bought a tiny planner at the beginning of the year, but it was so small that it usually just got smushed to the bottom of my backpack and forgotten about.

So in an effort to reorganize my life, I bought a brand new, BIGGER planner. Along with it I bought colored pens to organize it even further. I’ve had this system going for about a week now, and I’m happy to report it seems to be working! It no longer gets buried in my backpack and I’ve actually been looking at it and writing things down. This is especially helpful when it comes to tests! Although I’m still a very stressed student I feel like it has gone down considerably since getting my new agenda. Not to mention I spoiled myself and bought a really cute Vera Bradley agenda. So that also gives me incentive to use it because I love the look and the layout of it. I suggest to anyone who needs to get organized, buy a larger sized planner and use colored pens for different classes. It’s an easy way to get yourself organized.

What I use to get organized!