Winter Break: Much Needed!

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This semester was a very rough one for me. I had more than several health issues holding me back from being focused and ultimately took a hit on my grades. Student Health and many other location on and near campus became like a second home. It ate up a lot of my time and effort. So these next few weeks are much needed. It is going to be more of a time of recovery than a break. I’ll be using these next few weeks to focus on getting my health back to 100%.

I hoping next semester will be a turning point in my college career. Hopefully winter break will be enough time for me to turn my health around and get back on track. I made the hard decision of taking a lighter schedule in the spring to cut myself a little slack, because this semester was quite the rough one for me. But I’m motivated to get back on track so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to pull myself back together by the time I need to head back to Iowa!