New Semester, New Me.

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I’ve finally arrived back in Iowa City after a very long, and hard break. My winter break was unfortunately not a great one. I had several relatives pass away and one most recently on the first day of classes. So to say the least, my semester has not kicked off on a high note.

Despite a rough start, I have high aspirations for the semester. I plan to really buckle down and do my best with my classes, I want to create stronger bonds with my sorority sisters and marching band friends, keep in touch better with my family back home, find an apartment to live in next year, and improve my overall health. I have quite the list going for me, but I plan to achieve every last item.

I wouldn’t consider these a “new year’s resolution”. I believe them to be a list of things to do that I can better my overall experience at Iowa and just my life in general. My motivation and determination are strong right now, so I hope I can keep that persistence as the semester rolls on.

Fingers crossed.