Busy Bee!

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This semester has not been anything less than HECTIC!

I feel like I never have a moment of down town! From class, to work, to my sorority, I just have too much going on! In one respect it can be a good thing. It forces me to be more scheduled and narrows my focus. But on the other hand, I can be a very introverted person, so I often crave the alone time. Today I even cancelled a doctor appointment just so I could have an hour or two of down time! I realize I just got back from spring break, but I did not have the typical, beach-side, relaxing vacation like many of my friends. Granted I’m not complaining, but my break was actually pretty stressful. So returning to school only brings back even more stress! I’m having a hard time keeping things together, so hopefully I can pull through and make it though the rest of the semester!