Dear Weather,

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Dear Weather,

I’d really appreciateĀ if you chose one season, and stuck to it. By choosing a season, I mean spring. Let it be spring! Your bipolar temperatures are really starting to get to me. Beautiful one day, and chilly the next. T-shirt one day, winter coat the next. Enough is enough!

Love, Andi.

But anyways…

I’m ready to do what I love most about Iowa City. I want to sit out on that beautiful Pentacrest lawn and just listen to the sounds of Iowa City and the University. It’s a comforting place to just sit and relax, hang out with friends, slack-line, throw a frisbee around, and just study! When Iowa City has nice weather, it has BEAUTIFUL weather. I feel shameful sitting inside on perfect 70 degree days. I gaze out my window and just long to sit in the grass and do nothing. No Ipod, no computer, no phone. Just simply lay there and enjoy the weather, people watch, cloud gaze, and to put it simply, enjoy being completely unproductive.

Iowa City is a beautiful place to be. I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else.