Speed Bumps

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Life is bound to have some speed bumps and hiccups. Especially in your college years. Whether it be turning a paper in late, trying to find a place to live next year, to break-ups, to fights with friends or family members. In my opinion, your path will never be a clear, straight line. I think you can never fully control your journey through life, but you can try and push it in the right direction.

But sometimes you might need a little help along the way. Everyone deals with tough times differently. Some focus their energy into their school work, and some can hold it all in and take it out on themselves. Luckily Iowa offers some great outlets to help you through these times if you don’t want to do it alone. Iowa has the University Counseling Service or UCS, which is free and available to current students. I know I took advantage of it when I was a freshman. They can help people with a variety of issues. From just the stress of exams, or even the heavier things like clinical depression. I personally find that, as much as I love my friends and peers, sometimes I just find it easier to talk to an outside party, someone that can give a perspective from the outside looking in.

It may seem like a scary thing going to the UCS, but in the end it’s worth it. Even to just go for a consultation appointment. They can help you narrow down what’s bothering you, and guide you in the right direction. Only you will know what’s best for you. But the UCS can at the very least, help you get started.

If going to a counselor seems a little to heavy for you, there are a lot more people that can help you out. If you live in the dorms, feel free to talk to your RA! Their job is to be there for you. If you are in a sorority or fraternity, try talking to some of your sisters or brothers, or even your House Mom or House Dad. You can even go to talk to a favorite professor if you feel comfortable enough. Sometimes the people that can help you most, aren’t necessarily the closest to you. I’m no expert by any means, but I’ve had my fair share of experiences with different counseling services, and also got the same advice I’m giving now.

College is probably going to be one of the most difficult, and stressful times in your life, both academically and personally. But it is also one of the greatest experiences you will ever have! But it’s always important to keep believing in yourself. Life will always have it’s ups and downs, but always try to be optimistic. I know I always try to see the bright side. It can be extremely challenging at times, but it’s what keeps me pushing forward. If I let the negativity consume me, I probably would not be able to maintain my grades. There will always be rough times, but just know you’re never alone, and there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel! Being open with yourself and others will help keep you on a path, that will probably be a little less bumpy…

If you want more information check out the UCS website (never hurts to take a look!),


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