5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known

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  1. Band-Aides are essential. Walking up and down all the hills is bound to give you blisters unless you plan on wearing tennis shoes every day. Flip flops, sandals, Sperries.. They’ve all given me blisters.
  2. Mail doesn’t come on Saturdays. Just in case you’re waiting for a package, don’t expect to get it on Saturday.
  3. RA’s are cool. The RA on the 7th floor of Slater will literally just come talk to us girls for hours at a time. Lesson? If you’re nice to the RAs, they’re nice back.
  4. The TV cable hookup is by the closet. I’m not sure about the other dorms, but in Slater if you don’t want your TV right next to the closet you should bring an extra long cable to hook it up with.
  5. Shower at weird times. People tend to wake up and shower at times that end in :00, :15, :30, and :45 so if you shower at say, 7:50 or 8:57 you’ll probably find an open shower.
  6. Bonus tip! Bring your student ID everywhere. You literally can’t do anything without it, plus some stores will give you a student discount if you have it.

P.S. check out this funny video of my boyfriend meowing to the song, “Stacy’s Mom.”

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