If You Want the Kitchen to Love You..

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I recently started working in the Hillcrest Dining Room (by recently I mean I got off work about 2 hours ago) clearing the dishes people send back when they’re done eating. I don’t even know who some of these people are but I already hate them – how hard is it to send your stuff back the right way!? Which led me to this: a list of tips for those of you who are considerate and kindhearted and just want the workers to love you.

  • If you have syrup (or anything else sticky, such as peanut butter) on your plate, do NOT stack your other dishes on it! I have to pull it apart and I end up getting covered in your syrup. On the same note, don’t put you empty cup in a bowl full of syrup (this actually happened).
  • Throw your silverware in the silverware slots! I know that I’ve forgotten a time or two but a huge group put all of their stuff in at once and not one of them took care of their silverware. It’s right there and it makes our job go a lot more smoothly.
  • Don’t stack your cups if they have drinks or ice left in them. I have to unstack them when they come back either way, but it makes it a bit more difficult to takecare of everything efficiently if I have to keep stopping to unstack cups.
  • Why are you throwing away unopened bananas or unpeeled apples!? We can’t use them again so you’re literally throwing away perfectly good food. If you realize you’re too full to eat it after all, can’t you stick it in your bag and eat it as a snack between classes?
  • If it didn’t come from the kitchen, don’t send it back to the kitchen. Somebody put their ice packs on the conveyor belt today which I then had to open, dump the ice out, and throw the bags in recycling and others sent back their Powerade bottles. There are recycling bins everywhere, use one!
  • I love it when you stack your plates and bowls together.. Just not when they all have food left on them. If you’re going to do that make sure the food is all on one plate (the top one!).
  • Put your dishes as close to the mouth of the conveyor belt as possible! The belt only moves when there are dishes on it and if I see it start moving I have to wait for the dishes to reach me.. The wait can get pretty long when people put their dishes on the opposite end.
First day of work!

First day of work!

Hopefully you’ll follow this advice and win my heart!