U of Iowa as an Out of State Student

If you are considering the University of Iowa as an out of state student… you might want to read this!

Attending a college outside of your state borders can bring up some uneasy feelings. I know I felt this way. I live in Illinois, right next door to Iowa, but still – leaving home can be scary no matter where you are from!

I hope these tips help settle your nerves and allow you to fully consider Iowa, no matter how many plane rides or hours in the car you are away from campus!

  • It doesn’t matter if you are a freshman or senior on campus, you are bound to find friends with similar interests.
    • Freshman especially!! Do not be afraid to show up on campus alone on the first day. The day I got dropped off on campus, I knew maybe 3 people… I hadn’t even met my roommate in person yet! Think of it this way, every freshman on campus is in the same boat as you. Do not let this sway your decision. No matter if you play video games all day, are an avid mental health enthusiast, or haven’t really found what sparks your interests yet, you WILL find friends!!
  • For me personally, tuition was a large factor in my college decision.
    • I will say this once and only once, do not let money get in the way of attending a college that makes you feel at home. Iowa offers hundreds of different scholarships that can significantly lower your tuition!
  • Wondering about how you will get to and from campus for breaks if you don’t have a car on campus?
    • Luckily, if the place you call home isn’t close enough for a family member or friend to make the drive to get you, no worries! Iowa offers a shuttle service around breaks to take students to and from the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, where you can easily hop on a plane to head home.

These are just a small few reasons to consider Iowa even if you aren’t residing in Iowa. Please feel free to ask me any questions if you have any!

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