Homecoming Week is Here!

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The temperature is cooling down and the leaves are beginning to change colors. Fall is in the air! This also means Midterms (yuck!) and Homecoming Week (yay!), which are both going on this week for me. Luckily, I only have one Midterm. I’ll definitely be busy studying for that and doing homework for other classes, but I’ll hopefully have time to take part in a few Homecoming events here and there throughout the week. I’m super excited to see how Homecoming is handled here in Iowa. I’ve noticed that people around here have a LOT of Hawkeye spirit, so I’m sure this week will be awesome. The atmosphere at Kinnick on Saturdays is always amazing, and I’m sure this Saturday will be no different. My dorm hosted a “Prep Rally” on Saturday to prepare for this week’s festivities, complete with ice cream and crafts – a great combination if you ask me! My floor designed and decorated our bulletin board for the campus-wide bulletin board competition. I think it looks pretty good, so hopefully we’ll win! To my surprise, the lobby of my dorm was also beautifully decorated and decked out in tons of black and gold. So here’s to a great week of Homecoming events and Midterms! Go Hawks!


In just a few hours, the lobby of Daum was transformed!