The Procrastination Bug

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It’s week 12 of the semester and I have unfortunately succumbed to the procrastination bug. For me (and probably for most students), procrastination leads to stress and last-minute cramming efforts. Last week, I had three papers to write along with the usual chemistry and calculus homework to do. Writing papers isn’t exactly my cup of tea, and I ultimately had zero motivation to write any of them. In the end, I got them all done, but that was on Sunday night, which is usually when I try to take things easy. The thing that makes college hard is all the distractions. It can be really hard to balance school and social things, and it’s essentially up to you whether or not you want to do your work. To add to my list of daily distractions, I recently discovered that TBS plays episodes of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” every morning for two hours… the struggle is real. So, I’ve decided to make a change this week, and will be isolating myself in the library so I’m forced to get work done. My plan is to (hopefully) study hard during the day and relax later… we’ll have to see how this turns out.

When it comes to stress, everyone feels it at some point. The big difference is how each person handles it. I’ve found that working out is a great stress-reliever – I can sweat all my worries away! Physical activity is CRUCIAL in college! It’s really easy to sit around and do nothing, or worse, become someone who eats just because they’re bored (like me). The Freshman 15 is not a joke. I repeat, the Freshman 15 is not a joke! I haven’t gained fifteen pounds since starting college, but let’s just say I’ve certainly felt the effects of unlimited meal swipes and the all-you-can-eat dining. My advice: get into a workout routine and follow it, and limit yourself in the dining hall. And, get your work done early! I’ve been at the library for an hour and a half today so far, and I’ve been pretty productive, but I still have things to do. Writing this post has been a nice break from studying, and now I’m ready to hit the books again!