Six Years Later … SHOUT OUTS

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I promise I haven’t forgotten about my blogging responsibilities. Since I last posted SO many things have happened. I went to Barn Dance with my sorority, celebrated 100 21st birthdays (SHOUT OUT TO LYNDSEY KENT, KAREN GENSEN, KATHLEEN WEEKS, SABRINA ROA, SARAH GERSOWSKY), celebrated my future husband’s birthday (SHOUT OUT TO DRAKE), started taking ballroom dance classes, got a ‘Little’ via my sorority (SHOUT OUT TO MY BABY CHANTAL KAHSAY), helped plan Alpha Chi’s Dad’s Weekend, took pictures for Panhellenic Council, and planned a spring break trip to Panama City Beach. Whew. That’s a lot.  That’s not even everything :O

Something else that is in the works right now is a VLOG channel on YouTube. It’s going to be called “The Weekly Neighbor” … playing off my last name (Naber) and my partner in crime’s last name, Weeks. Coming soon to a computer near you.

I can’t believe that all of October’s crazy activities have blinded me to the fact that this semester is nearly over. It wasn’t until yesterday in my graphic design class when we were going over the schedule for our final project due dates when I realized that there’s only like … 6 (ish) weeks until winter break! DID YOU ALL KNOW THIS?!

May the force be with all of you as you are making academic plans for next semester, and also may the force be with anyone who is on top of their game and figuring out plans for summer and next fall already!