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Twas three days after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring ……….. not even my dog cooper.

I seriously tried to figure out a cool Christmas rhyme there, but I couldn’t. Clearly my brain is on ‘break mode.’

4 and 1/2 hours later I finally made it home to spend a fun filled holiday week with my family! I know you all are probably dying to know what I’ve been doing since I made it home …………. but actually what happened was that I just ended up sleeping and watching a lot of movies. So far I’ve watched Pitch Perfect (twice), Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, The Vow, the fourth season of The OC, four episodes of New Girl, three episodes of Glee, and the last two episodes of American Horror Story. Whew. Needless to say I’ve only left the house three times: once to get hot chocolate at Hey Good Cookies, once to meet one of my very best friends for a lunch date, and once to go shopping in Sioux Falls.

This Christmas wasn’t as extravagant as previous years, but I’m learning that the things that were once very important to you may not be as important anymore. When I was younger I would write a two or three page list of things I wanted to see under the tree Christmas morning. This year I only asked for two or three things. Period. Not because there weren’t things that I wanted but because I was just happy to be able to be home and spending time with my family (aaaand also because my mom got me the Fossil watch I’ve been dying for and an iPad mini). I’m very grateful for the things that I got this year, but I’m even happier that I got to share it with all of my favorite people!

I hope everyone is still having a fabulous break and a magical holiday 🙂 Until next time, peace & blessin’s416835_590710420100_227677256_n