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I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. YOU GUYS. You’re suppose to help me be accountable.

Anyway, SO much has happened so I hope you have a snow day today and have nothing better to do than read my blog 🙂

If any of you remember, over winter break I applied for like a HUNNID internships… not really thinking I would hear back from any of them. But I did! TWO of them. I ended up with a phone interview for one and a skype interview for the other. Both were pretty interesting experiences, but long story short I got a summer internship with Izo Brands in Chicago!! Not only do I get an amazing experience working with them, but I also get to live with my bff Lucia this whooooole summer (can you say partie tyme?! (good thing I’m not an english major…)). I’m still waiting to hear back from my other internship, which is with Victoria’s Secret PINK during the school year starting next Fall. I’m supposed to hear back from them in March…. and March seemed like a really long ways off but, here it is! So I’ll keep you posted!

What else? OH. I went to Planet X in Cedar Falls for the first time. It was my first arcade experience and I went with my sorority for a sisterhood event. It was actually really fun despite the 8 year-old birthday party we were competing with 😉 I ended up winning 2,096 tickets (because I’m a BO$$) and won a plethora of prizes including a slinky, silly putty and a tiara, among other things.

After Planet X, since I was already in Cedar Falls, where my boyfriend is from, Tyler picked me up and we went to hang out at his house with his family (hence, ‘Meet The Parents PT. 2). It was really fun and he has the coolest cat named Prince. He’s super large and soft. Also his sister drew me a picture of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn so I’m pretty excited about that. I have it hanging on my bulletin board and everything! But I really enjoyed meeting his family and I am looking forward to spending some time with them again!

I think this is all I’m going to through at you right now. Turns out 17 semester hours, 3 jobs, and a active sorority member are three things that are really hard to balance. I’m planning on blogging about my sorority’s philanthropy event, but that’s going to have to wait a couple days because I am up to my EARS in homework right meow.

Talk to you soon!