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…………. I don’t even know where to begin.

I guess I’ll just start by saying I was having such a good day until I had to call Campus Towing to rescue me.

It all started when I was on my way to class at 4:30 and realized I had left my phone at home. I didn’t go back for it because I was already running late (of course) plus we had a sub so I figured class wouldn’t run the full 2 hours anyway. After class I decided to run a few errands. I was almost enjoying the freedom of not having my cell phone with me! I went to Target and did a little shopping at the mall and when I was done I went out to my car to drive home when I put my keys in the ignition ANDDDD my car doesn’t start. The engine doesn’t even turn over. This has happened to me before and all it needed was a jumpstart so I went back into Target to see if I could use their phone to call my sister who lives in Coralville. Knowing my sister, I wasn’t expecting her to answer a call from a number she doesn’t know so I make a few more phone calls and finally reach my parents in Okoboji. Not that they could do much from 5 hours away but luckily they were able to reach my sister and she was soon on her way to jump my car.

After about 25 minutes of two girls trying to perform mechanical magic on a ’97 Doge Intrepid, a kind gentleman named Todd came to our rescue (we thought). Todd tried jumping/fixing my car while his beautiful family of 5 patiently sat waiting, watching, and laughing at our expense. After another 20 minutes or so Todd suggested we call a tow truck.

THANK GOD FOR AAA. And for Todd. And for kind Target employees. And for my sister who thought I was going to try to walk from the mall to her house and was driving around looking for me.

… and now I get to wake up, right?  *sigh*