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Sorry I’ve been so MIA this semester but, honestly, if I told you all of the things that have happened to me so far this year you probably wouldn’t believe it.

I’m going to tell you all about it anyway.

I started the semester off with a broken foot, so that was awesome. And almost immediately after my foot healed I became very sick and missed almost two weeks of school. And almost immediately after I recovered from my deathly illness, I had major car troubles and was without transportation for about two weeks. And then IMMEDIATELY after I picked my car up from the shop I was in a pretty bad car accident. (I had been trying to make up a photo shoot for my photography class that I had missed, because I didn’t have a car) and it was dark on Hwy 1. My sister was with me and I lost control of my car and the next thing I knew we were upside down in a ditch. I’m not going to go into any more detail with that story so, MORAL OF THE STORY: DON’T VEER FOR ANYTHING ON THE ROAD EVER.

Even though it seemed like my life was just on a downward slope to all things bad, a lot of good things have happened too. Now that my sister and I are sharing a car we get to live with each other next semester! In the midst of this craziness I also managed to put a portfolio together and get cleared for my BFA degree as a graphic designer! AND I get to go home for a whole entire week for Thanksgiving and spend time with my family and my friends and I couldn’t be more excited.

I guess in a round about way the purpose of this post is to remind everyone that even though bad things happen, good things happen too. Just because your life is a downward spiral (like mine was) doesn’t mean it won’t get better, and it doesn’t mean that the good things that DO happen are less important.

Be happy and be thankful, always.