First week of classes expectations vs. reality

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After spending hours online researching about what college would be like, I had a lot of expectations going into the first week. I didn’t know where anything was, I didn’t know a lot of people, and I was scared that I would get homesick. I tried to enjoy the summer before college, but there were so many unknowns. Once I got to campus, I really felt at home. All of my classes came and went and I realized that I was wrong when it came to a lot of my expectations and fears about college life and college classes. Here are some of the things that I was completely wrong about and how my views of college changed once I completed my first week at The University of Iowa.

Expectation #1: Professors would be really mean and unapproachable

Reality: All of my professors this semester were very welcoming and inviting. I know that I probably lucked out in this department, but just know that most professors aren’t as scary as they are made out to be.

Expectation #2: The University of Iowa campus is so big and I would never be able to figure it out

Reality: I was able to figure out the campus really easily. On the Sunday before classes started, I walked around and found where all my classes were. Once I did that I got a really good sense of where everything was on campus and it made it so much easier for me during the first week.

Expectation #3: I would never find friends that compare to my high school friends

Reality: I quickly found friends that have made my college experience amazing. They actually really remind me of all my friends from  high school in that they accept me and I can be myself around them. There are so many people on campus with all different backgrounds and interests, so it is really easy to find a group of people that are really easy to get along with.

Expectation #4: I would be drowning in papers and homework

Reality: While college definitely comes with more papers and big projects, there is a lot less busy work compared to high school. This way, as long as you budget your time, you will be left with a LOT of free time. I found myself actually getting bored during the first week cause I didn’t really have anything to do.

Expectation #5: I would get really homesick

Reality: I have been doing really well with the idea of being thousands of miles away from home. I have been embracing my new life in Iowa due to great friends and all of the activities going on around campus that have kept me busy.

Expectation #6: Living with two roommates in a triple would be terrible

Reality: I got so lucky when it came to my roommates. Despite not planning on living together, we get along really well and we are already great friends. Having instant friends like that made the transition into college really fun and less stressful,