25 Freshmen Thoughts

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Let’s face it,  the University of Iowa’s campus is very diverse with every student coming from a different background with a different story. However, there are some things that we all have in common. Particularity, there are certain things that all of us freshman have thought at some point. Maybe not all of these are relatable to every freshman on campus, but by talking to the people around me I have definitely noticed some similarities in our experiences here at the University of Iowa. So here are twenty-five thoughts that I have had during my brief time here at college, and I don’t think that I am alone.

  1. “If I walk up this hill, I can have dessert tonight.”
  2. “I want every single Hawkeye shirt.”
  3. “I’ll just charge it to my U-Bill.”
  4. “Is twenty minutes long enough amount of time to make it to Starbucks before class?”
  5. “I’ll just have grilled chicken and salad tonight…. Oh wait, there is chicken nuggets and onion rings.”
  6. “Does everyone else’s feet hurt, or is it just me?”
  7. “Can you order food off of amazon?” ( the answer is yes btw)
  8. “How many weeks until winter break?”
  9. *Walking past the deserts* “Don’t do it, just don’t do it.”
  10. “I miss my dog.”
  11. “This class is making me rethink my life decisions.”
  12. “I really hope there are cupcakes at the dining hall.”
  13. “I haven’t registered to vote in Johnson county but I’m still going to say yes and walk away smiling and nodding.”
  14. “I am so hungry, but the dining hall is just so far away.”
  15. *coughs once* “Crap, I’ve got the plague.”
  16. “College is cool and all, but this adulting thing is hard.”
  17. “These four years are going to go by too fast and I am already sad.”
  18. “I really wish I could have a dog in the dorms.”
  19. “Wow, I am so glad that I actually  found friends”
  20. “Should I pay this order up delivery fee or actually make the walk to Chipotle?”
  21. “Never again will I sign up for a 8:30 am.”
  22. “I really wish my mom was here to buy this.”
  23. “It is probably really obvious to everyone around me that I am a freshman.”
  24. *lost on the first day of class* “Just keep walking straight so it looks like you know where you are going.”
  25.  “Wow, I really don’t know what I am doing.”

I hope that all students on campus have had a great start to their year. For us freshmen, this is just the beginning and we have so much more to experience here at The University of Iowa!

Go Hawks!!