semester regrets

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With only three three more weeks left in the semester, I can sadly say that I already have some regrets. I have been loving college, but if I could go back in time and change somethings, this is what I would do differently:

  1. Rush a sorority like I planned to– I was so excited all summer to go through the formal rush process, but once I got on campus I was really tired and overwhelmed after the first week so I decided to drop out. Now, I feel like I missed out on an amazing opportunity to make friends at college.
  2. Not isolate myself so much in the beginning– At the start of the semester, I was so excited to have found a great small group of friends. I tended to do everything with them which was great while it lastly. Sadly, that meant that all the people on my hall got really close while I was always with my original group of friends. Now that I tend to not spend as much time with those people, I have found that it is harder for me to make friends since everyone has already formed connections and bonds to other people and it can be hard to break into that.
  3. Go to things even if it means going alone– It was, and still is kind of is hard for me to go to events and clubs with a whole bunch of people that I don’t know all by myself. This discouraged me from joining a few clubs and going to some events that I know I would have enjoyed. I am sure that this prevented me from a lot of amazing experiences where I could have met great people.
  4. Get the smaller meal plan- Right now, I have the gold meal plan which means that I have unlimited swipes at the dining hall. At the beginning of the semester I went to the dining hall for every meal, but now I find myself going only a couple times a week. This is a huge waste of money because even when I was constantly going to the dining hall, I only ate two meals there a day because I am not a breakfast person.
  5. Audition for an acapella group– This is another thing that I was really excited to try when I got on campus and got too stressed out and anxious. Now, I really regret that decision because I feel like I am wasting my musical talents. Sadly, it is hard to sing in the residence halls without annoying your neighbors.
  6. Not take 8:30am classes– It was never easy for me to get up for classes in high school and it has only gotten worse in college. I tend to miss my 8:30 class too often because I oversleep or just can’t get out of bed. Also, I found that I am most productive at night so I stay up really late. I’m trying to fix this next semester by taking mostly afternoon classes so that I can wake up later, and therefore stay up later at night.

Although I can’t actually travel back in time and change these things, I am glad that I learned a lesson from it all and that I know what to change for next semester and future years. College is definitely  a learning process, and it is only the beginning.