Old School With New School Vibe

I’m back to good ol’ Iowa.

I need to adjust to the cold again. Being in the Dominican Republic definitely spoiled me with sunlight and warmth.

I have so many stories to tell you guys, and lucky for all of you, all I need to do is proofread them and I will post them to my blog.

I need to do some reflection to figure out if what I’m feeling right now is what they call reverse culture shock.

Not only do I have to readjust to the American way of doing things, but I have to reconnect with friends & mentors. I have to balance my social life with my studies in a whole new way. I feel like I have been gone for years.  I have missed out on the progress that some of my closest friends have made during the semester I was gone. The reality is when you are studying abroad, you may not have regular access to an effective means of communication at an opportune  time. When you do finally have the time and the ability to connect, there’s the expectation and desire to get a hold of  your loved ones… such as your mother.

Not to mention, I declared the year 2014 as the year of gratitude and relationships.

2014- The Year of Relationships. 

This means that I am going to be intentional about being the best friend I can be to my amigos. I am going to try to rebuild burned bridges between family members. I also would like to create a community among all of my friends, that is geared towards success and support.

This year is the first time I am truly being goal oriented. I’ve always wanted to succeed, but this time I am actively planning how I can get there in all areas of my life. I am focusing on my health, sleep, learning, experience, and future. I’m really looking forward to what I can really do when I set explicit goals and go.

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