Time Flies

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I literally cannot believe that I only have NINE DAYS of school left before Finals Week!! I remember at the beginning of the semester thinkingĀ OMG!! This semester is going by so slow!! Now all I wanna do is rewind and experience my freshman year all over again! I would have to say that my freshman year taught me a lot about myself. I’ve learned to ask questions more. In high school I was timid, never wanting to ask questions because I thought I would look dumb. Now, I ask questions about everything! Being in college has ignited a desire to learn and better myself and I will never again be shy about asking for help. This first year at college has made me more of a “go-getter” purely because there is no one here besides myself to push me in the right direction. I’ve learned that I am my own best advocate. I’ve also learned how to be more independent. Living in the dorms has given me my first taste of freedom, and I cannot get enough! I think it shows that you’ve picked the right school and had a great experience thus far when you don’t want to leaveĀ for summer break! I’ve made such great memories and friends here while getting more involved in my program of study and am truly grateful to the university and my parents for affording me this opportunity. I literally cannot wait for my future as a Hawkeye!