A Hawkeye Summer

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This summer I had the opportunity to take advantage of an awesome program at The University of Iowa. Iowa offers free summer tuition to Iowa residents and in-state tuition to all out of state students. A maximum of 12 semester hours can be taken with this offer. Books and housing are not included. I took three classes this summer and each influenced me in a huge way. They were all challenging and interesting. They combined a semester’s worth of knowledge into a month and a half, so the course load was heavier. Perhaps because we met during the week more often or that class was longer, I was able to digest information fully and solidify better peer relationships, that will last beyond the summer session.

While taking classes I was also able to experience Iowa City in an entirely new way. I lived in a house with 3 of my good friends. We were able to go to the farmer’s market on Wednesdays or Saturdays and stop by sidewalk sales downtown in between our classes. We even went to a movie at Kinnick field and rented canoes at Lake Macbride! Because of my summer spent in Iowa City I have a greater appreciation for the cultural side that this remarkable college town has to offer.

Overall, I found the experience of taking classes here this summer truly beneficial. It truly changed me as a person and I loved the sense of maturity that came with living on my own and not in a sorority house or dorm. I would recommend this experience to anyone, and hope that everyone reading this post looks into taking summer classes at The University of Iowa.

Peace out!