Finals Grind

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Happy Thanksgiving Break! I hope that everyone is enjoying their time off with family, friends, and amazing food. With finals approaching quickly, I wanted to make a quick post about how to efficiently study for final exams.

  1. Make a to-do list
    For those who are not amazing at time management (me!) this can prove invaluable during the last few weeks of the semester when so much is going on. It is a great way to organize your thoughts and construct a list of tasks in order of importance.
  2. Find a study spot
    I have just recently learned how invaluable having a regular study spot can be! The most important aspect for me is that it is QUIET and that I go alone. Studying with friends is awesome, but lets face it, it usually turns into a gab session!
  3. Review past exams
    Lets face it, professors are extremely busy. Past exams are an amazing indication of how final exams will be constructed.
  4. Self Care
    In all my studies as a psychology major, we have learned how important it truly is to take care of yourself. Getting enough sleep and finding time to relax is so imperative to killing exams and scoring A’s! Treat yourself to a movie night or go for a walk, taking a break from studying will help clear your head.

Armed with these few tips, I know you will all perform amazingly on your exams. So good luck and finish strong this semester!