Bucket List: College Edition

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Today was the first day of my second semester as a junior at The University of Iowa. Just writing that makes my heart quicken! I’m still so happy with my choice of school and the thought of graduation… (even thought it may be over a year away!) makes me a bit sad! As a result, tonight my roommates and I have decided to compile a bucket list to really make this semester count. After all, college is usually only four years of a person’s life; why not write down a list of reminders to really YOLO?

  1. Watch the sunrise or sunset from The Pentacrest (I’m so excited for this one!)
  2.  Roll down the hill of the Pentacrest
  3. Attend a cultural event (for example this week’s Great Gatsby Dance!)
  4. Make dinner with our friends with freshman year to reconnect and reminisce of old memories while making new ones!
  5. Study at a new place… branch out from our usual haunts!

These are literally just a taste of our epic bucket list. We may not complete them all but we had so much fun compiling it & I hope you will all try to make one soon!