Food Roundup: Deal Edition

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As Iowa City residents we have SUCH an amalgamation of different types of foods at our fingertips. This past summer, my friends and I set a goal that we would try a new restaurant or cafe each week and boy did we come through. Each week we sampled little tastes of Iowa City: Chinese food, Italian, diner-esque, indian… the options were seemingly endless. I’ve compiled a list of restaurants that have deals on certain days for when you are tired of Burge food or have only ramen noodles and a jug of semi-expired milk in the fridge (no judgement… we’ve all been there!). So, enjoy! Listed below are some of my favorite deals.


Shorts Burger & Shine $6 burgers 

5 pm – 10 pm


Airliner 1/2 price large pizzas

Formosa Sushi (majority of rolls discounted!)


Brothers Bar & Grill Wing Wednesdays 

0.25/wing (bone in or boneless)

Starts at 8pm 

El Patron 1/2 off burritos


Formosa Sushi (majority of rolls discounted!)



Airliner $1 pizza slices