Friends, thank you!

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When I came to college at the University of Iowa, I imagined my dorm floor to be like it was in the movies: bustling with energy and friendly people who would pop by my room to invite me and my roommate to some cool cultural event on campus. I soon found that my floor was vastly different than my pre-conceived notions. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I lived on the Reach female floor. The Reach program designed to help cognitively challenged young adults with their interdependence skills. I loved the girls in the Reach program and still keep up with a few of them almost three years later! But I had to extend myself beyond my floor to meet more people, which turned out to be a blessing. I turned to student organizations, my sorority, and class discussion sessions to discover individuals that I clicked with! Throughout these four years I’ve garnered some pretty incredible friendships that as cliche as it sounds will last far beyond my college years. I’m getting pretty nostalgic as my time at the University comes to a commencement in May. I may not be able to see some of these friends with as much ease post graduation so I’m taking a vow today to really YOLO (remember when Zac Efron made this saying big? #highschoolmusicalforever) these next two months. I now implore you, readers, to reach out to one person you’ve met and tell them how you value their friendship and then maybe even hit up Aspen Leaf because today is $5 fro-yo day. I REPEAT! $5 FRO-YO! Who knows, you may even see myself and a few of my pals there!