Tip Tuesday: Procrastination

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With midterms around the corner, hopefully everyone has started to study for their exams! If you’re like me my freshman-junior year, you most likely plan on waiting until the day before an exam to delve into the powerpoint and texts like a frantic ninja. If you identify with that last sentence in any way these next 5 tips are going to be super applicable to you. Procrastination is an inevitable part of college acclimation but it is a truly horrible habit!

1. Take 5-10 minutes after class to look over the notes you’ve taken. This will help the information sink in. If you come across any question, usually professors stick around for a few minutes and this would be a great chance to have the question answered while it is still fresh in your mind!
2. Get a planner! The Iowa Hawk Shop has great options that help keep students organized and fully aware of their busy schedules. Scheduling free time may sound tedious, but trust me, it works!
3. Find a study buddy. As a senior, I’ve learned that if you find someone who is in the same class as you, it can be super motivating to have a peer that can answer questions or even quiz you. I’ve always been intimidated to go into my professor’s office hours, so this is a great alternative!
4. Look at your notes before bed. I recently read a study that found looking at phones or electronics disturbs the quality of sleep that one can achieve. A quick peruse over notes could help you sleep better and make you less stressed when it comes time to start studying for a big exam.
5. Live by the quote, “why do something tomorrow that you can do today?” This has stuck with me this past year and really motivated me to stay on top of my schoolwork.

So, armed with these five tips you should be motivated to stop scrolling through Instagram and start studying, the earlier the better!