Hipster Students

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Meet RA Becky. The coolest hipster kid I know.

If you are a hipster and you are looking for a place to fit in, have no fear. We have hipster/artsy/indie kids here, and everybody loves them and wants to be like them.. myself included.  I’ve been attempting to infiltrate the cool kids lifestyle by stalking my RA (resident assistant) Becky.  She has been sharing some of the secrets of her people.  If you ever see her out and about, you should say hello. She loves that.

If you draw her a picture, she will totally hang it up on her art wall.  That’s right kids, I said it. BECKY HAS AN ART WALL. And it’s amazing.  Almost as amazing as the sweatshirt she is wearing, which is free advertising for the west side of campus, which is also awesome. Not that the East side isn’t. But come on, I live on the West side.

The moral of this post is not to be ashamed by your non-conformist ways. There’s a place for you here. We have great arts, and I even had the experience of attending the 10 Minute Play Festival this past weekend. It was absolutely amazing.

So come all ye folk of the world! We’re going to Iowa City.