Last Week of Classes

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It is the last week of classes and I haven’t blogged in weeks. What’s wrong with me? Nothing. I am a typical college student who can barely multitask classes, dance rehearsals, eating 3 meals a day, and snapchatting my friends on a regular basis. Adding blogging every couple of weeks to this packed schedule can be quite the feat. In two weeks I will be done with my third semester of college and I will be sitting at home in Indiana! I am looking forward to winter break. I have been listening to Christmas music for a few days now, and my apartment has a few decorations and lights to celebrate the holiday cheer. And of course, the ugly sweater party invites are bombarding my Facebook… But what is with this 70 degrees!! It feels like the end of spring semester. I should be bundled up in my sweater and scarf, sipping on hot chocolate. Instead I am running around in a t shirt and jeans. Hey, I guess I shouldn’t complain! It makes the late night walk from the IMU much more¬†bearable¬†anyway…

I hope everyone has a great finals week, and a safe trip back home for the Holidays!