Survived the First Day

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I am now two days into the second semester. The main differences about Fall and Spring semester is it starts out way colder. The first day walking to class it was zero degrees out. Bundled up in my big puffy coat, earmuffs, gloves, and scarf I was freezing until I walk into the classroom with heat blasting and then I quickly have to take off my layers so I don’t get overheated. The second difference is in the Spring semester the countdown to summer is in full force. Everyone is re-energized from winter break, and already ready for warmer weather. I prefer spring semester anyway, so no complaints from me.

I already have a long to-do list and it is only syllabus week. This semester might end up being more work than I expected.  So I am keeping this blog short and sweet, because I’ve got stuff to do. Top of my list is sewing new pointe shoes… got to love being a dance major!