The Three C’s

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Iowa City is literally the cutest college town. There is so much to do on any given day, especially the weekends. Yea like any college, parties are in full force on the weekends, but there is so much more going on.

This Saturday my two best friends and I had quite a lovely date planned. Don’t worry there wasn’t any romance involved, but it would be a perfect idea for any boyfriend trying to impress his college crush.

The night started with fresh crepes from Crepes de Luxe Cafe. I got to experience my first crepe, and man have I been missing out. I am already looking forward to going back… The menu is split up into either sweet or savory crepes. Because it was dinner time, I went with a savory crepe, but as I was eating it the restaurant owner was making a sweet crepe with nutella, strawberries, and bananas. It looked incredible.

La Verte Crepe

After our crepe adventure, we made our way to the delicious Molly’s Cupcakes. Basically any cupcake you get there is going to be delicious. I have only been a few times, so I am still trying to find my favorite… if that is even possible, they are all just soo good. I tried their new Thin Mint cupcake. It was definitely my favorite one so far.

Thin Mint cupcake

Thin Mint cupcake

Once we were stuffed beyond belief it was time for the Faculty/Graduate Concert at Space Place Theater. What a great show, like usual. There was an awesome variety within the two hour show. My favorite part of the concert was that two of my dance professors, Alan Sener and Jennifer Kayle both performed. It was so inspiring for me to see these talented artists practice what they preach to us in classes  all year.

Weekends like this make me so ready for the week to start and get back to dancing in Halsey! Oh, and it is the sixth week already…where does the time go?