What a week…

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This has been one of the most intense, but exciting weeks since becoming a Hawkeye. For Dancers in Company, a guest choreographer came to set a dance on us. Nicholas Leichter had 6 rehearsals total with us and we finished a 17 minute dance. I was highly impressed that we were able to finish the dance and make it look somewhat presentable. Nicholas Leichter comes from a hip hop background, and none of the 12 dancers in Dancers in Company have ever really trained in hip hop, so that was our first setback. The second setback was the time. For our other dances we have been rehearsing for a few weeks now, and we are still aren’t finished with our 8 minute dance. So to say the least we went CRAZY fast!

Our first rehearsal with Nick, everyone was feeling overwhelmed and almost curious if we would be able to pull it off. But day after day it started to look a ton better. We still have a ways to go in order to get it ready for the big show in March, but we are well on our way. It was such a great experience working with Nick. He really opened our eyes to how strong dancers are. Even though we aren’t hip hop dancers, we can still do hip hop or whatever we want at that matter. We may be modern dancers, but we do so much more. So needless to say, the Dance Department at Iowa has once again blown my mind by how amazing it is, and how amazing it is to dance everyday.

The Dancers in Company will be performing at Space Place Theater, March 7th, 8th, and 9th. It will be a fabulous show and anyone around Iowa City should come and see it and support the arts!