Home Stretch

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As finals week begins, the semester comes to a close. The libraries get more action this week than the rest of the semester. The IMU is hopping at 4 am with free coffee for students. The Blank Honor’s Center even extends its late night hours a little later to accommodate for students doing some late night cramming.

The University is a completely different atmosphere during finals week. The only obligation for most is to study and do well on finals. There is also packing for summer and laundry that needs to be done. And for those graduating, they have a week to try to get their lives and emotions in check, and hit up all the graduation parties.

I am just looking forward to summer. The weather is making me forget what summer sun even feels like. I wore jeans and a sweater today… uhh isn’t it May?!! So hopefully this week’s forecast permits shorts and sandals.

Oh and soon I will be an upperclassmen in college. That is crazy and a little intimidating. So for now I will not think about that 🙂

Good luck to everyone on their finals. Safe travels for all going home. Go Hawks!