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It has been 64 days since I have last blogged. I wish I could say it was because I was backpacking through Europe or studying yoga in India, but I have been in Indiana. The summer is flying by, but before I throw myself a pity party, I will be honest… My summer has treated me well, considering I have been in the humid Midwest.

 Since I have last blogged a lot has happened, so let’s rewind to May when my summer officially began.

The Friday of finals week my older sister and mom picked me up in Iowa City. We had lunch at the Bluebird Diner, like usual, and hit the road. That first weekend home the family packed up the car and hit the road for Indianapolis. My younger sister had a soccer tournament. We shoved our 5 person family into one very gross hotel room and made the best of the weekend. It was good to be back with the whole gang, two sisters and parents. The only thing that was missing was the pups.

Leo and Abe are the best looking dogs around and have been my sidekicks for the summer. So shout out to them for making me feel loved when all my friends are hours away.

">Abraham, the grouchy one.
Leo, the mushball

Of course, once I got back home I started working at Coach again. Selling handbags to the ladies and husbands of the mall. Most days I find myself very bored and antsy working. I spend most times dancing around while no customers are in the store. Though when a fabulous customer comes in, they never fail to make my day. An older couple came in not too long ago. They were so appreciative of my help. They even went on and began asking questions about me and Iowa. People like them make working at Coach a ton of fun!

I am not working everyday so I try not to be completely lazy on my day’s off. When it is not scorching out, I try to go for a run. I began the summer running 2 to 3 miles maximum. I simply thought I could not possibly run any more or I would drown in my own pool of sweat. That all changed when I ran 5 miles for the first time. Now I try to run 4 to 6 miles, and it feels great!

IMG_2439Oh, and my family and I did go to Florida. We spent the week down in Palm Beach Gardens where my Grandma lives. We would lie around her pool and in the afternoon we would drive up to the beach. I got a good little tan and read a fabulous book. My sister and I became Kadima pros.

We also went to Lion Country Safari. It is like a real African safari, but in the United States. It sounds a little strange, considering we were in Florida, but it was actually really impressive. We had an ostrich come right up to our car. Lots of animals crossed right in front of the road and even jumped right over the hood of our car.

Being so close to the water, I still could not get myself to try seafood, maybe next time. 🙂

My latest and greatest adventure was to the oral surgeon. I knew I eventually would have to get my wisdom teeth out, but I was hoping to bypass it this summer. All four of my teeth had to come out. And honestly it really was not terrible. The surgery was the easiest part. It was the four days after that really dragged on. The pain is tolerable, and as long as you don’t mind sitting around doing absolutely nothing then you will survive. I had a hard time with that. I wanted to be able to go for a run or play frisbee. I was sick of watching movies and bad reality television. But I am slowly recovering. The pain is finally going away, and the chubby cheeks have gone back to their normal size, thank god.

I have about a month left of summer, and I still have two exciting trips left. In a week I am going to St. Louis to dance and visit my sister. And then right after, the family is going back home to New York to reunite with the extended family. Then it is back to good old Iowa City for me. Can’t wait to get back to non air-conditioned apartment in Iowa City, but seriously I am looking forward to it 🙂