The Hardest Week of the Year

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I sat down in the second row of my Topics in Mass Communications lecture. I was seriously struggling to keep my eyes open, and my notes began to resemble a kindergartner’s first attempt at cursive writing — AKA not legible. My brain is mentally taking in the information, but my body is fighting insomnia. The only thing keeping me strong and somewhat attentive is knowing Thanksgiving break is so, so close. It is not just me complaining of my lack of sleep, like usual, but even my professor for that class agreed. He said out of all the weeks of the year, this is the one everyone is on the express route of the struggle bus.

In hindsight, we only have three weeks of this fall semester left. Like usual, time is flying by. So hang in there Iowa students, stay strong and study hard. The light at the end of the tunnel is quickly approaching.

The rest of my semester entails one last dance performance. The graduate/undergraduate dance concert opens December 12th and runs for the rest of that weekend. I am thrilled to be performing one work in this concert. It will be a perfect study break from the craziness of finals week encroaching. It will a fabulous show, like usual.

Until then, have a great Thanksgiving!