Bon Appetit

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College living is not always the most convenient time in a person’s life to eat healthy. Late nights at the library calls for a sugary, caffeinated beverage and a bag of munchies. Balancing homework, classes and a social life leaves not a whole lot of time to cook a real meal. But this semester I have been defying the odds set against me!

My situation is probably different than the stereotypical college student. This is due to the fact that I enjoy eating healthy and really don’t like fast food and junk food. What makes it difficult for me, is that I lack the time to cook and prepare any meals…. or so I thought.

I surprised myself by the amount of time it took to cook these meals, and how much I enjoyed doing so. It started with making “fancy” salads. These salads would just include different ingredients, like cucumber, avocados, almonds, fruits, etc. From there I started to buy more raw food during my weekly grocery shop. It is so easy to whip up a delicious and filling salad in the same amount of time it would take to microwave a lean cuisine.

Once I got sick of salad, which did not take long, I began to make delicious stir fry with quinoa, veggies and chicken. I also have used lettuce wraps, instead of a tortilla. Eggs are always a go to food item to have in the fridge. Eat them scrambled or hard-boiled, and always delicious. Last week I knew I would not want to cook any food once I got home from all the late night dress rehearsal for the Faculty/Graduate Concert. So, I made a crustless quiche on Sunday, and had that for dinner and lunch for the week.

There are so many great recipes online, many are geared towards college students, too!