April Showers

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April is really living up to its stereotype. It has been a rainy, therefore, a sleepy couple of days. It is hard enough having to be productive with only two weeks of classes left, but this weather just does not help the situation. Studying is so much more enjoyable when I can lay on the Pentecrest with an iced coffee in hand. Instead, I have been doing a lot of sitting at my desk watching the rain come down, as I try to keep my eyes open.

Yesterday, I was pretty sure I was going to get swept up in the crazy storm. It literally came out of nowhere. Within five minutes, the sky became completely black. I was actually outside running by the river when the extremely loud sirens went off. I had an internal struggle of whether I should cut my run short or just power through. After running for another five minutes to the sounds of the siren, I headed home early. I was nervous because I assumed the sirens meant a tornado was on its way. Though, I am glad I turned back when I did because within five minutes of returning home the rain hit. I don’t even know if I could even call that rain. It was more of a legit downpour. My roommate’s window was open for a few minutes during the storm and she had a puddle on her desk. Holy cow.

But the beauty of rain is that it makes our campus look gorgeous on the sunny days. The grass will be so, so green. In the meantime, I will be constantly checking the weather forecast for our next sunny, warm day. I think it is going to be a while… good thing it is almost May! Adios, April Showers 🙂