The final 5 weeks!

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This past month has flown by. March has come and gone, and I didn’t blog once. You know I am extremely busy, when I haven’t blogged for a few weeks in a row. So, in the past month this is what I have been up to…

  1. Spring Break! Unlike the hoards of Iowa students who hit up the beach. I attended the American College Dance Festival that was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It lasted for the first half of spring break. It was bitterly windy and cold, but considering I spent the majority of it sweating in a dance studio, I did not mind the cold temperature. This festival allows colleges to present pieces of choreography to be shown at concerts and they offer a plethora of dance classes during the day. It was really exciting to meet dance students from colleges all over the midwest and make some awesome connections. The rest of spring break was spent at home in Indiana catching up with the family and pups.
  2. Run crew… I spend the majority of my blogs talking about different dance performances I am in, but a dance major is also required to work backstage in two performances. It allows us to learn the duties that the run crew workers deal with. It was awfully boring and made me envious of the performers. But check that credit off the degree audit! Boom.
  3. Thesis Concert. I most recently just performed in the Thesis Concert in Space Place Theater. Two of the MFA graduate students presented their final work at the University before they complete their last final weeks Uof I. It was a great cast of ladies I danced with. It was an emotional and thought provoking performance that was well really well received by the audience.

Now that I am done with the Thesis performance, that is three less rehearsals a week that I  have on my oh so busy schedule. But don’t worry, any extra time on my hands is soon to be taken away because the first round Gala Auditions are this Wednesday. Dance Gala is our biggest show of the year in October, and the dance department wants to get a head start on the rehearsal process. Very exciting but a huge time commitment 🙂

Only 5 more weeks this semester, and then I am officially a senior in college (which is nuts)! My summer plans are in the works. It is going to be a dance filled summer at the American Dance Festival at Duke University in North Carolina. Before I can get too excited of the summer, I need to study, study, study, and as the weather gets nicer the harder it is to sit at a desk.