Watching from the Audience

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In my three years at the University of Iowa, I have danced in ten different performances. I have performed works from the faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and even guests of the University. Though, May 8-10th in Space Place Theater my own choreography will be performed in the Undergraduate Dance Concert. My piece, Mindful Sensibility, is a duet that I have been creating and rehearsing for the entire semester in my choreography class. A choreographer class is required for all dance majors. In this course, the instructor teaches the students different ways to generate new dance material, a myriad of choreographic tools to use in rehearsals, and assigns projects to work on throughout the semester. My instructor had us make one piece. I had the decision to pick as many dancers as I wanted, what music I wanted, and a concept we want to explore. Once I created my piece, it had to be adjudicated by three faculty members and from there it was decided on whether it will be performed in the Undergraduate Concert.

It will be weird to sit in the audience and be on the other side of a dance performance. I think I will be more nervous to watching my own dance than performing onstage myself. Only two and half weeks to finalize my piece before the show opens. The Undergraduate Concert is at 8pm, May 8-10th. It is free for Iowa students, and it will make a perfect study break before final’s week!