Sweet day

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“This is your birthday surprise!” Emily took out a toy puppy to me. “I know we ‘re sneaky!” Elly said and looked at my astonished face while I was holding my birthday cupcake.  I got a bed animal (Don’t laugh at me if that sounds childish) from my Roommates Elly and Emily!! Because they found out I didn’t have a bed animal as accompany when I arrived here. Yes It was because I didn’t have enough room to put my little bear in my suitcase. I did not even pay any attention to this topic while talking, but it later became a birthday surprise.

It was yesterday, a sunny but little bit chilly Saturday, when Iowa football team was fighting against Iowa State. The whole town was filled with great excitement and a sense of madness—–Everybody was super into the football game and they cheered and cheered again. So we our three roommates decided earlier in the day to explore the downtown area to watch the game and give me my birthday surprise. I totally forgot the birthday surprise thing after a couple of hours into the game. The only thing that I have been thinking of is that we finally got a roommate hang-out day! Gathering together is such a great way to spend more time with our extended “family” (roommates) on a relaxing weekend. Although I have lived in the Stanley for a month, I have not had a truly fun day with my buddies until this time because of all kinds of homework and study. How special today would be!

Working with numbers and elements all day, we actually went out of this mad world and had something special and fun! We cried out “Go Hawks!” when football players were doing well; we chatted, we laughed, and also we got fully relaxed from the overwhelming coursework. Elly even got a tiny hawkeye shirt for her puppy coming to see her next weekend.

But suddenly I was led by the girls to “Molly’s” to get my birthday cupcake! My birthday was September 10th but because of so much work to do for everybody, I didn’t talk really much about it. Inside I really wish this birthday will be different for I have been away from my home for two years and hardly can imagine what a real birthday will be like. I planted my wish secretly in my deep heart but my roommates digged it out.

“This is your birthday and you are going to enjoy it!” Emily said,

“Because we know you couldn’t bring your one from home so we got you the bed animal!”

Oh I really wished time could ever stop at that moment. How lucky I was to meet those girls who really care about others and focus on details. I was overjoyed not because the birthday gift itself but because of those two kind and thoughtful hearts behind it! I can’t believe how I was blessed.

But in fact, time flies. Everything happening in this moment will be gone when it is the time to go. So maybe start today to care about those folks that really care about you because love is sweet.