The embarrassing moment of today

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Have you experienced the most embarrassing thing in your life? What is it? I bet everybody’s answer is different. Whenever I was asked to tell what was my most awkward thing, I found it so hard to say. That means I was either intimidated to say it out-loud, or I didn’t even have my best answer in mind. But now I have had one, and it just happened earlier today.

After my Korean friend showed me his favorite study place–the law library, I decided to explore this library since visiting different libraries is on my to-do list. It was extremely large to me – with multiple levels, thousands of documents and numerous study spots. I think the word “enormous” is best used to describe it for it was several times larger than my current favorite one, the Engineering library. As a carrel lover, I couldn’t help looking to find an open seat while I was wandering between lines of the study carrels. I thought they were public carrels open for every kind of students to use, just like the ones in the basement of the Engineering library.  As I walked through line by line and found out that almost every spot had some books or something on the shelves. That was really weird. Why do people leave their belongings like books and documents at the public carrels? Aren’t they worried about those thing being stolen? Because it was Sunday, that level was almost empty. How would it be different sitting there to study? Driven by a strong sense of curiosity, I sat down quietly on one of the spots which was totally empty.

A boy stood right by me when I was pulling my chair out.

I looked at him. And he looked at me.

I realized there was a strange deadly sense of silence.

Finally he said, “This is my spot.”

“Oh I am so sorry. I didn’t know that they were assigned.” My cheeks flushed. I could never tell him how embarrassed I was. I realized that it was not right to sit down at a study carrel when I didn’t know they are for personal study use.

“It’s alright. I didn’t put a sign saying this my spot. So I don’t blame you.”

Thankful for his understanding, I grabbed my backpack and quickly walked out. This is the most embarrassing moment of the day. “Never make the same mistake again,” I told myself. “Not every library has the same rules. You are not a law student.”

But anyway, at least I saw the inside of the law library. That was interesting! But it is just a place to visit, not a place to stay. On the way back to the Seamans Center, I am lucky to say that Engineering library is where I feel I belong.