Spring is here, where to have fun?

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“After the winter, comes the spring; that’s when the blue bird starts to sing.”
— “After the Winter” by Lenka

It’s half way through the spring semester already, and it is midterm time for lots of people. But what are you doing for fun when you are tired of studying? Spring season is a terrific time to think about some outdoor activities. Here at the University of Iowa, we have a large variety of options that we can choose to enjoy the spring.

1. Swimming

Over this spring break, I decided to try swimming for a new type of exercise because I have watched people swimming when I was running on the third floor in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. It sounds really enjoyable–you don’t get sweaty when swimming and it is a good idea to keep fit. So I grabbed my swimming suit right after school on Friday. I felt super relaxed when I first jumped in to the swimming pool. I am from a city that has lots of lakes and springs formed by underground water, so swimming is something that we do for fun especially in the summer. Swimming in the fitness center here is lots of fun. I definitely recommend you try this out.

2. Play a game at the Hubbard Park or go hiking

Over this past weekend, I participated in the Easter event “Protect-the-Egg tournament” held by the student organization “Bridges to Internationals”. We protected an egg from falling to the ground using only a pair of chopsticks. It was a little bit tricky at the beginning, but as more times we got practiced, we improved a lot. I got to enjoy a moment when I didn’t have to think about tests and pressure but just share a pleasing time with my friends playing a game. It was wonderful! Playing a game is also suggested on the list of “47 things you should do at Iowa”. Maybe this will be your next option to hang out with your friends and meet new people.

In addition, spring is a good time to go hiking, or generally speaking, to go traveling. Here are lots of city parks and camp sites near campus. The one that I went to this spring break was called “Squire Point”. It is located a little bit north of Mayflower Residence Hall. I was shocked by what I have seen there. It was such a unique place–really quiet and a good place to get close to nature. A huge lake is in the park as well as two different walking trials. Spending an afternoon or even a weekend there sounds just awesome! You never experience how amazing life is when you stay home all day!