Peter Diggins, your food is ready…

“Peter Diggins, your food is ready.  Petttterrr DIIGGGINS, come. get’.chur. food.”

This is how they called out my food order at The Twisted Root Burger Company, where I ate lunch yesterday after the college fair I attended.  Every customer was given a slip of card with a different name on it.  While I was there, so was Elvis, the Texans, and Bugs Bunny among others. 

One thing I love about being on the road is getting to experience an array of different foods, and divulging in new/unique places to eat.  During my first trip out last Monday, I was at a table across from the Texas Christian University(TCU) representative.  With such a strong football program, of course we started talking sports, however with my upcoming trip to Dallas/Fort Worth (where TCU is located) we started talking Texas.  She was quick to throw out things to see and places to eat.  Among these were Angelo’s BBQ and The Twisted Root. 

The Twisted Root has won an assortment of awards for their made-from-scratch food.  Every thing’s made from scratch; their burgers, fries, ice cream, everything.  I got to enjoy their “Green Chile,Guacamole & Pepperjack Burger with Sweet Potato Chips.” 

Green Chile,Guacamole & Pepperjack Burger -

Their website says “Slap-Yo-Momma Good,” and their t-shirts said “Sofa King Good,”  and let me tell you, it lived up to both.  One of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

While the burger had me walking down the street on cloud 9, I was quickly brought back to reality by the $35 parking ticket I received during the hour I was parked.  $35 dollars?!  I guess I was familiar with Iowa City’s free weekend meters, and also their $5 tickets.  I guess all good things come to an end.

Orrr maybe not.  I’ve found this gem-of-a-website to find new places to eat throughout the week:

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