Advice on Picking a Major!

Hey all!

As college admission season is well underway, I thought I’d pop in and share my experience of picking my major and also how you can go about that process, which I know is a scary one!

To start off, I just want to say that it is okay to not know what you want to do or have an idea of what you even are interested in.

For me, it was a journey to find my major.

Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher. I knew what grade I wanted to teach, how I wanted to set up my classroom. I was fully prepared to be a teacher… but then I found out what lawyers were.

In middle school,  I started considering law school. I was such a law nerd that I had somehow memorized the Constitution. I had a copy of the constitution in my room.

Going into high school, I was still on the government track but now I wanted to be in the FBI. That’s how I framed my high school life, I took political classes and joined the mock trial team. My counselor would send me emails about criminology scholarships and which schools had good criminology programs.  This is how I started compiling my college list.

In my junior year, I took a journalism class and we were in charge of the school paper. By the end of the first month of school, I had fallen in love with not only writing for the paper but with the environment in the newsroom. That’s when everything clicked for me because writing came naturally to me and I could see myself being a journalist in the long run.

As you can see, I didn’t know until a year before starting my college admission process, what I wanted to do with my life, and that is okay!

My piece of advice is to just be open to everything.

I also think that knowing your strengths is really helpful. For example. I know I’m a strong writer and I love to read so I always knew I was gonna go into a field that really played to those strengths. If your strength is math, then look for a field that plays to that.

My last piece of advice is to, and as cliche as it sounds, just follow your heart.

No matter what, you want to be happy with your decision and always know that changing your major, once you are in college, is totally normal.

Fall Essentials


I am that person that gets really excited once the weather starts to drop and starts to hit around 60 degrees because that means fall is right around the corner! 

I have compiled my essentials for fall, more specifically college fall essentials!

  1. The oversized sweater: During the fall, I live in sweaters just because they are super comfortable and because you can style them in so many ways.
  2. Boots: Weather is so unpredictable these days that having a pair of boots handy just because one never knows. 
  3. Flannels: It’s a basic fall essential. Flannels just scream fall! 
  4. Cinnamon: Whether it is putting it in your coffee or oatmeal or even putting cinnamon essential oil in your diffuser, cinnamon just feels like a warm hug. 
  5. Jean Jacket: The thing that I love about jean jackets is that they are super handy when commuting. They have big pockets that can hold your headphones, phone, and even wallet. 
  6. Hot Coffee/Tea: I’m usually an iced coffee and tea drinker but in the fall, I like drinking hot coffee because it’s just comforting. 
  7. Travel mug: Reusable mugs are not only sustainable and great for the planet but they help keep your hot coffee or tea nice and warm.

All in all, the main essential needed in fall is whatever makes you comfortable, which is a common theme throughout my list! 

Have a great day!


Hello all! My name is Emily Delgado and I’m a first year student at UI!! 

I’m beyond excited to be here and document my experience at Iowa for you. 

I hope all your classes are going well and that you are enjoying your time here! 

Coming later this week is my list of fall essentials, which is perfect timing now that the weather here in Iowa City is starting to drop!