Primary Recruitment at Iowa!!

Hey y’all,

About a week ago I got a bid after going through primary recruitment at U of I and I wanted to share my experience round by round…

Round 1

In round one, the PNMs (potential new members) watched videos of each chapter and ranked their preferences. I did not really get heavy vibes from each house so I just went based on my gut, which is what they tell you to do during the whole process. So I ranked my top ten.

Round 2

In round two, we actually got to talk to girls from the houses. When I got my schedule that morning I was a little sad because I did not get a few of the houses that I wanted back. But it all works out for a reason. I talked to the girls and found a house that I had a really good connection in and I was so excited to talk to them during round 3.

Round 3

So I woke up that morning feeling like there is no way I don’t get that house back but then I look down and I don’t see it. I was pretty sad because I felt like they liked me but then I talked to a girl from the chapter that I ended up gaining and she said: “it’s not that they didn’t like you but they could see you fitting into another chapter better.” And that really stuck with me. I had a great conversation in round three but I had to rank my top 2.

Round 4 

A week later I got my last 2 houses back and I was so excited to take to both of them. I had great conversations with both of them. They both made me feel so welcomed and not judged, so I was very happy. I did my final ranking then I waited for BID DAY!!


I went to Bid Day not knowing which house I would end up in, but I was so excited to find out. We all sat in the park while our recruitment counselors revealed what chapters they were in. Then we got out envelopes, and I happened to see through my envelope. I saw a crown which meant I was going to be a Zeta. I am so incredibly happy I found my home and I hope if you choose to go through recruitment you find your home <3



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